About Us

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Strives for Deeper, Broader Impact on Health

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation is a regional healthcare grantmaking organization, which evolved from the previous fundraising organization, Maria Parham Healthcare Foundation. Established in 1987, Maria Parham Foundation was governed by a group of community and hospital leaders. The revenues and operating funds were generated by individual donations and fundraising activities to support health education, health promotion, and the purchase of health equipment at the hospital.

The Foundation was reorganized and the name was changed in November, 2011, after Maria Parham Medical Center merged with the for-profit Duke LifePoint organization. Triangle North Healthcare Foundation has been funded by an endowment that was created from the assets of the former nonprofit hospital. Board members are appointed by the Board of Henderson Vance Healthcare, its parent organization.

The Foundation’s mission, to encourage, support, and invest in quality efforts that measurably improve health in the Triangle North area, is achieved through funding initiatives, programs, and projects of nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and schools. “Our grantees provide the boots on the ground, the expertise in the field, and the committed hearts and minds that will make our community a healthier place to be,” said Val Short, executive director. The Foundation’s community focus includes four counties in the region north of the Triangle– Franklin, Granville, Vance, and Warren counties.

The Foundation has launched a grant cycle each year since its grantmaking began in 2013. To date, the Foundation has invested over $1 million in over 50 projects serving the four-county region. “The Foundation’s Board of Directors is always looking for ways that we can have a deeper, broader impact on the health status of our communities that will not only benefit current residents, but also future generations,” said Short.

The Foundation Board’s hope is that through our grantees and the people they serve, the Board’s vision for the future of our region will be realized… “to live in a healthy community.”