Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Awards Grants to Improve Health

Regional grantmaker Triangle North Heatlhcare Foundation has awarded grants for ten projects that will impact the health and wellness of individuals in Vance, Warren, Granville, and Franklin counties.

Over $200,000 in grants was approved by the Foundation Board recently which will be used for a variety of projects that fall into the Foundation’s five funding priorities:
Chronic Disease Prevention
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Reproductive Health
Success in School as it relates to Health and Wellness

“This is our second round of grantmaking since the Foundation was established in late 2011, “said Val Short, the Foundation’s executive director. “We believe these grants are an investment in our communities that will impact health in the region for many years to come.”
Nineteen area nonprofit, governmental, and educational organizations expressed interest in applying for grant funds and of those that applied, 10 were approved for funding by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Projects approved for funding for 2014-15 are:
1) Alliance Rehabilitative Care, Inc.
Funding Priority: Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Project: Implementation of the state mandated Assertive Community Treatment Team curriculum Illness Management and Recovery, which will facilitate management, recovery, and integration of the mentally ill into the community.

2) Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central NC
Funding Priority: Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Project: Implementation of the Family Plus program, which promotes 60 minutes of physical activity per day, plus education about healthy eating, while encouraging a culture of wellness at home.

3) Four Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Council
Funding Priority: Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Project: Completion of Phase II of Fox Pond Park, which includes trail rehabilitation and implementation of programs in partnership with Aycock Recreation Center and Granville Vance Public Health that use of the walking trails.

4) Franklin-Granville-Vance Smart Start Partnership for Children
Funding Priority: Nutrition & Physical Fitness
Project: Implementation of Go NAP-SACC, an established, evidenced-based program with UNC, to improve the physical activity and healthy eating habits of children in 20 local child care centers.

5) Granville Vance Public Health
Funding Priority: Reproductive Health
Project: Established last year and funded by the Foundation, this project targets the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia, which is on the rise in Vance County. The Foundation’s funding this year will enable approximately 375 males to be tested at no cost to the individuals. This project will receive national recognition when it is presented at the national public health conference this month.

6) Henderson Family YMCA
Funding Priority: Nutrition & Physical Fitness and Success in School
Project: #1 Girls on the Run/Girls on Track—Develops and improves girls’ self confidence and self esteem using established curriculum, while preparing for a 5K walk/run twice per year;
Project: #2 Save Our Kids—In Partnership with Vance County Recreation and Vance County Schools, this program teaches water safety techniques to second graders to help save themselves from drowning.

7) N.C. MedAssist
Funding Priority: Chronic Disease Prevention
Project: Provides free medications, educational services, and advocacy for 150 new uninsured clients in the region who suffer from chronic illnesses.

8) Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc. (TROSA)
Funding Priority: Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Project: Funding will enable 10 new recovering substance abusers from the region to be served with this innovative, comprehensive 2-year residential treatment program that includes vocational training, education, and healthcare.

9) Warren Community Health Clinic, Inc. (formerly Warren County Free Clinic, Inc.)
Funding Priority: Chronic Disease Prevention
Project: Funding will provide staff and supplies to fully implement the Diabetic Self Management and Education Model. The Foundation’s funding will enable the program to become self-sustaining after this year.

Funding for the Foundation and for its mission has been made possible by the endowment that was established after Maria Parham Medical Center merged with the for-profit Duke-Lifepoint.