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Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Strives for Deeper, Broader Impact on Health

The Foundation’s mission, to encourage, support, and invest in quality efforts that measurably improve health in the Triangle North area, is achieved through funding initiatives, programs, and projects of nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and schools. “Our grantees provide the boots on the ground, the expertise in the field, and the committed hearts and minds that will make our community a healthier place to be,” said Val Short, executive director. The Foundation’s community focus includes four counties in the region north of the Triangle– Franklin, Granville, Vance, and Warren counties.

The Foundation has launched a grant cycle each year since its grant making began in 2013. To date, the Foundation has invested over $1 million in over 50 projects serving the four-county region. “The Foundation’s Board of Directors is always looking for ways that we can have a deeper, broader impact on the health status of our communities that will not only benefit current residents, but also future generations,” said Short.

The Foundation Board’s hope is that through our grantees and the people they serve, the Board’s vision for the future of our region will be realized… “to live in a healthy community.”

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Educational Series for Nonprofit Leaders Will Launch in February

If you are an executive director or volunteer leader for a nonprofit organization, Triangle North Healthcare Foundation invites you to consider participating in a Nonprofit Leadership Program coming soon to Vance Granville Community College.  Triangle North Healthcare Foundation and Vance Granville Community College’s Small Business Center have partnered to develop a leadership development program that will provide essential management skills for new nonprofit leaders.  The series will begin in February. There will be six sessions and a final “graduation” reception.

This series is designed for new executive directors and board leaders who need to know the basics for managing and leading a healthy nonprofit organization.  Good management practices, governmental compliance, understanding financial statements, fiduciary responsibility and accountability, conflicts of interest, and sustaining your organization are among the many topics that will be addressed during the series.

Instructors for the series will come from all over North Carolina and are experts in nonprofit management.  Among the instructors for the series are Melissa Driver Beard of Driving Force Relations, Ed Ormsby, a small business consultant, and Karen Kennedy, Community Development Manager for the City of Sanford.  

Below are the dates and topics for the series.   Each class will begin with lunch at 12:30 and will end by 3 p.m. Classes will be held on the VGCC campus in Henderson.  The Foundation will cover all costs of this series, including tuition, lunch, and reading materials.

The Leadership Program will include the following classes:




Triangle North Healthcare Foundation is a regional healthcare grantmaking organization, which evolved from the previous fundraising organization, Maria Parham Healthcare Foundation.  Established in 1987, the Foundation reorganized and changed its name in November, 2011, after Maria Parham Medical Center merged with the for-profit Duke LifePoint organization.  The Foundation’s grants are made possible by the endowment that was created from the assets of the former nonprofit hospital.  The Foundation’s 2018 grant cycle will open in the spring.

In addition to grantmaking, the Foundation makes contributions to the community in other ways, such as this leadership program that will help strengthen the capacity of our local nonprofit organizations.  We are very pleased to be able to offer local nonprofits this learning opportunity, which will also be open to officers of nonprofit boards of directors!  Call VGCC Small Business Center at 252-738-3240 or the Foundation at 252-430-8643 for more information.  Preregistration is required and is available online at   Space is limited and we expect the classes will fill up fast, so act quickly to reserve your seat!




Statewide News

Teen Health Program Supports Adolescent Parents and their Children

By Val Short, Executive Director - Triangle North Healthcare Foundation

Life for teenagers can be challenging under the best of circumstances, but life for teen parents can be overwhelming and difficult.  Franklin-Granville-Vance Smart Start’s Adolescent Parenting Program (APP) is designed to provide a safety net for teen parents by ensuring they remain in school, avoid additional pregnancies, develop good parenting skills, prepare for further education and employment, and prevent the chance of any referrals for abuse or neglect.

 The program has been in existence in Vance County since the 1970’s and over the years, it has been coordinated by multiple agencies, including Social Services, Mental Health, and Granville-Vance Public Health.  In 2003, FGV Smart Start received a contract to manage the program.

 In 2003, Annie Perry was hired to coordinate the program, but she has done so much more than coordinate!  Ms. Perry has served as mom, role model, teacher, counselor, mentor, confidante, and friend to over 150 teen parents who have graduated from the program since 2003.  Many of those graduates have gone on to excel academically and professionally, and have developed excellent parenting skills.

 This year, with the help of a grant from Triangle North Healthcare Foundation, APP has added a new health and nutrition lifelong learning component to its curriculum.  With the help of partners, Henderson Family YMCA and Vance County Cooperative Extension, the 17 teen parents currently enrolled in the program will learn to enjoy and understand the value of physical fitness and good nutrition.

 With a membership at the Y, the teens engage in classes and physical activities after school and on weekends, with access to childcare provided by YMCA.  Perry and Smart Start provide transportation for the teens and their children.Through a series of six nutrition classes offered by Vance Cooperative Extension’s 

  • Leading a Nonprofit Organization-  Feb. 8
  • Developing a Business Plan- Feb. 22
  • Financial Management for Nonprofit Leaders- March 8
  • Board Management and Development- March 22
  • Fundraising 101- April 5
  • Finding and Writing Grants- April 19

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Grant Awards Top $1 Million

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved $300,000 in grants to local organizations in the Foundation’s fifth grant cycle. The 2017 awards will bring the total grants awarded by the Foundation to $1.1 million since 2013, when the Foundation began grantmaking.
“All of the grants awarded will fund projects that focus on community health in some way,” said Val Short, executive director for the local Foundation. “Our hope is that these grant awards will result in improved health and healthier lifestyles for children and adults in our region,” she added. Grant recipients will be announced in October.

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation has established five major funding priorities that include, Chronic Disease Prevention, Nutrition and Physical Fitness, Success in School—as it relates to health and fitness, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and Reproductive Health. “Most of our grant projects this year focus on chronic disease management and prevention, success in school, and substance use disorders,” said Short.

Located in Henderson, Triangle North Healthcare Foundation’s grant funding mission has been made possible by the endowment that was established after Maria Parham Medical Center merged with the for-profit Duke-Lifepoint. Information about the Foundation and future grant opportunities is available by calling 252-598-0763.

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation is a regional healthcare grant making organization, which evolved from the previous fundraising organization, Maria Parham Healthcare Foundation. Established in 1987, Maria Parham Foundation was governed by a group of community and hospital leaders. The revenues and operating funds were generated by individual donations and fundraising activities to support health education, health promotion, and the purchase of health equipment at the hospital.

The Foundation was reorganized and the name was changed in November, 2011, after Maria Parham Medical Center merged with the for-profit Duke LifePoint organization. Triangle North Healthcare Foundation has been funded by an endowment that was created from the assets of the former nonprofit hospital. Board members are appointed by the Board of Henderson Vance Healthcare, its parent organization.

Community Workforce Solutions Grant Program Shows Health Really Does Matter

By Val Short, Executive Director - Triangle North Healthcare Foundation

HealthMatters is an evidence-based education program on health, wellness, and physical activity, designed specifically for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Community Workforce Solutions (CWS) in Henderson, formerly INCO, has implemented this 12-week program with 40 of its clients with great results.

The primary mission of the program is to increase the participants’ knowledge about healthy lifestyles, to improve fitness, and to teach core concepts related to physical activity and nutrition. With grant funding provided by Triangle North Healthcare Foundation, CWS was able to provide training and certification for three staff members as HealthMatters instructors. These instructors have trained other staff members and are leading the program for the CWS clients.

The program has enabled CWS clients to participate in group activities related to healthy food choices, food portions, food preparation in addition to physical exercise. Each participant sets personal goals for the program that could include 30 minutes of exercise per day, increasing fruits and vegetables in the diet, and weight loss. Pre and post surveys plus diet and weight monitoring have provided evidence of success for the participants.

Program coordinator Kim Fren reported for the first 12-week group of participants, 75% met their individual weekly goals throughout the program and an additional 8% partially met their goals. Additional evidence of success included an aggregate decrease in BMI (body mass index) of 3.39%, a participant who no longer needed to carry oxygen, and another participant who was able to walk independently by the end of the program. Ms. Fren also noted an instructor for the program had lost 35 pounds.

Community Workforce Solutions has been active in Henderson since 1983 when it was established as INCO and provided day programming and supported employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Vance, Granville, Franklin, and Warren counties. In 2003, INCO merged with the Raleigh Vocational Center and became INCO/RVC. The name was changed to Community Workforce Solutions in 2007 to better reflect the mission of the organization. Onsite day services are provided, which include social, vocational, and functional living skills. Employment skills and job placement assistance are also provided to clients who are interested in seeking jobs.

Community Workforce Solutions’ HealthMatters program is one of 12 programs funded by Triangle North Healthcare Foundation during the 2016-17 year that have made an impact on health in our communities. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage support, and invest in quality efforts that measurably improve health in the Triangle North region, which includes Vance, Warren, Granville, and Franklin counties. For information about grant opportunities, please give us a call at 252-430-8643.